Golden Gate monitoring framework

We were discussing with a few fellow DBAs how to monitor Golden Gate replication as a starting point for widely deployed systems.

Sure, there’s a chapter in the GG’s Adminisration guide and Oracle guys always refer to GGSCI command line tool, which you can use.

Yeah, you can..

But how about with a high number of databases?  Because there are lots of other things to do and time could be saved, if you had a utility kit with monitoring scripts.

So why nobody has provided essential scripts to monitor Golden Gate with the product itself?

  • Grid Control management pack support for Golden Gate is still a work in progress.
  • There’s GoldenGate director.. as an extra application (and needs a separate license).

There are some scripts from DBAs around the web:


My idea:

Possible direction to add Golden Gate monitoring into monitoring frameworks:

Not a bad idea?

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