Not Getting Alerts for ORA Errors for 11g Databases and Cannot View the alert.log Contents for 11g Databases From Grid Control [ID 947773.1]

Another nice feature in agent monitoring 11g databases.


Watch out!

1 ) Configure “Incident” and “Incident Status” metrics to monitor for ORA errors in alert.log. (log.xml ) on 11g databases.

2) After the EM agent installation, users need to manually set up a symbolic link of ojdl.jar in
$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/jlib pointing to $ORACLE_HOME/diagnostics/lib where
$ORACLE_HOME is the EM agent Oracle home. For example, on Linux and Unix
platforms, users need to type the following:
1) cd $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/jlib
2) ln -s ../../diagnostics/lib/ojdl.jar
On platforms where symbolic link is not supported, users need to manually
copy the ojdl.jar from $ORACLE_HOME/diagnostics/lib into
$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/jlib after the EM agent installation.
Users also need to ensure that the copy of ojdl.jar in
$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/jlib is updated if the ojdl.jar in
$ORACLE_HOME/diagnostics/lib is patched in the future.

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