SecureFiles in 11.2 yes or no?

> Enter Parameter #1 <XDB_PASSWD>, password for XDB schema:
Enter Parameter #2 <TABLESPACE>, tablespace for XDB:
Enter Parameter #3 <TEMP_TABLESPACE>, temporary tablespace for XDB:
> Enter Parameter #4 <SECURE_FILES_REPO>, YES/NO
……………….If YES and compatibility is at least 11.2,
……………….then XDB repository will be stored as secure files.
……………….Otherwise, old LOBS are used
Enter value for 4: YES
Oracle SecureFiles – replacement for LOBs that are faster than Unix files to read/write. Lots of potential benefit for OLAP analytic workspaces, as the LOBs used to hold AWs have historically been slower to write to than the old Express .db files. Mark Rittman Securefiles are a huge improvement to BLOB data types. Faster, with compression, encryption. Source: Laurent Schneider
YES for performance
Benefits provided
SecureFiles provides the following benefits:
* LOB compression
* LOB encryption
* Deduplication (detect duplicate LOB data and only store one copy)
* Faster access to LOB data

A SecureFile can only be created in an automatic segment space management (ASSM) tablespace.

I put YES

Creating SecureFile LOBS

By default lobs are created as BASICFILE LOBs. To create a SECUREFILE LOB, specify the STORE AS SECUREFILE clause. Here is an example:

   lob (l) STORE AS SECUREFILE secfile_segment_name
   (TABLESPACE lobtbs1

More information on SecureFiles

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